The African Leadership Youth for Human is a students' club at the African Leadership Academy, in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is founded by Syl Rogers a Student of the African Leadership Academy with the help of The Youth For Human Right International   and other co-founders  within African Leadership Academy community. This club was founded for actions based on delivering values to humanity.

It is a very diverse group which comprises of youth activist from different regions across Africa who encourages other youths to be hands up for optimism. "We use the values of the African Leadership Academy which are Curiosity, Integrity, Diversity, Compassion, Humility and Excellence to deliver quality in the lives of our peers. Human Rights Education."  

As part of our initiative, we link together; schools, different youth group both nationally and international through outreach programs  and  social activities to develop the power of one, where in we all have one voice, one mind and one common goal, which is the goal of enhancing peace for all human and making Africa a peaceful place. 



+ Teaching about peace building through human rights Education

+ Encourage youths to be hands up for optimism

+ Combating social disorders

+ Reaching schools and youth groups in Johannesburg with human Right sensitization.





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