Why You Should support us

Due  to the fact that it a must for us to change our world and lives around our communities,we take on the initiative to play the role of teaching and impacting

 moral knowledge in the upbringing generation. These expectations can be met

 not only by our effort, but also by your own Contribution. As it will foster

 the enhancment of reaching the ultimate goal of world peace. 

A donation to ALA Youth for Human Rights means direct benefit to African

youth with little to no overhead.


Donate today

Your support to this students will make a difference in the lives of many  individuals, as it will act as a seed of prospect and grow into a peaceful



Sponsor Us

In our up  Campaigns, Projects, or Activities, as your sponsorship will be of

great help in transforming your world. 

         To donate please email:



 Tel:     +27 (0) 11 699 3000 

Postal Address:  
Postnet Suite 413,  
Private Bag X1,  
Northcliff 2115, South Africa



Fax:   +27 (0) 11 252 6910 

Physical Address:  
1050 Printech Avenue, Honeydew, South Africa




      Support us 

  • In the Launching of the African Leadership Academy Youth for Human Right 


  • In reaching at least a School in Johannesburg for spreading the word of the Human Right and encourage peaceful practices


  • In connecting with at least a Youth Group in Johannesburg for taking up positive actions in combating social disorders.


  • In making us reach the media to spread the message as quick as possible to save our continent and the world at large.

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