Syl Rogers is a Sierra Leonean and a student at the African Leadership Academy whose aim is developing the next generation of African Leaders with students from different African countries, Europe and America. He is the founder and President of the African Leadership Academy Youth for Human Rights, which  takes the initiative of spreading the word of the Youth For Human Rights International, especially the United Nation declaration of the Human Right in order to transform the world. Syl was a student at the Prince of Wales Secondary School in Sierra Leone, after his West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) he was awarded a scholarship to study in the African Leadership Academy in South Africa. As an enthusiastic Youth activist, he has work and volunteer in Different youth groups and international organizations, like iEARN Sierra Leone as Head of the  Art and Craft department, and also  sensitizing people about combating social disorders. he has also worked with child soldier in one of iEARN's project with NO WAR ZONE. He is a youth ambassador at the Education, Excellence, Community, Empowerment Leadership (EXCEL) which focuses on Academic Innovations, Leadership and Community Development and College and Career Programs, alongside a normal academic schedule. He is also the Youth Coordinator for the SHINDA Brand/Larn to Earn in Sierra Leone. To crown it all, he is the CEO of the Sylcom Entertainment, mainly involved in Computer designs and publishing, Photo and Video Editing and also Visual effects. 


Lilian Maboya is a South African who is very passionate about her environment and challenges within it.  she has influenced change in her environment by implementing a permaculture system (a word derived from “permanent agriculture” which she uses as a tool to deal with starvation, drought, global warming and global climate change.  Lillian is one of the founders of GENC (Green Environment and Nature Conservers), a student club helping in maintaining a green revolution in their community. Lillian is currently a student in African Leadership Academy, working hard to expand her scope on campaigning and standing up for Food Security to reach out to everyone who deserves it.





Salma Ait Hssayene, is a teenager from Morocco, Who is very passionate about human needs and rights, as an individual, she described herself as a compassionate person. on this note she joins other youth activist in starting the ALA Youth for Human Rights club to help in spreading the knowledge about this specific domain; their rights as humans and responsibilities  and make people more aware of what they deserve in life as human beings. She has worked with youth groups and organisations to develop her sense of team work and  because of her compassion she had developed other drives in identifying what people might suffer from or need just by the fact of being a humans.


Edwin Barnos is a Tanzania who is been touched by the fact that Orphans in his former school were forced to live on porridge because of lack of funding for the school. He pioneer a fundraising activity in his school to help the orphans. He also includes his religious community which welcome the idea of helping the orphans. In this way smiles was once more ignited in the faces of the children, with the help of Edwin and his working team.





Olamide Aladesuru is currently a student of the African Leadership Academy and a Nigerian by nationality; she is very passionate about Africa and also in bringing the desired change to her wonderful continent.  She is especially passionate about human rights, as it also involves children around the world. She love sharing ideas about this particular field “I hope to be the voice that brings the good news about human rights to those that are unaware of it.” She aspires to impact the lives of children living in Africa especially the underprivileged in a more positive way. Through the past few years, she was able to start the journey towards achieving her dreams with the help of classmates at her former school, she was able to rejuvenate a community development club, which raised the awareness about the club within the school and planned many outreach programmes. In addition, she had also worked as a volunteer in an orphanage, to help the unprivileged to enhance peace within their community.  She played a positive role in the development of many children whose ages spanned from as old as 18 to as young as a week, armed with bitter experiences. She is one of the co-founders of the ALA Human Rights Club.  “I believe through this project I can move closer to my dreams.”

Carmen Augusto is a youth activist from Mozambique who is very passionate about victims of HIV/AIDS. “A friend of mine got pregnant and was affected by HIV/AIDS, as a teenager she had no idea about the deadly diseases and it theme, this is the case of most Mozambican girls, therefore I take the initiative to  do some research about HIV and start giving lessons about it repercussion and pains to my fellow peers. Because of this initiative I took, I was called as a counsellor for HIV /AIDS testing. That was one of my greatest achievements because as a counsellor, I could help more people that were looking for HIV sensitisation and education and also shelter, and I believe am still in that capacity to save more youth from HIV/AIDS.”

Bernadette Jenneh Jah is a Sierra Leonean, she was the president of the Annie Walsh Memorial School Literary and Debating Society in Sierra Leone,  a society that has been dominant there for the past five years, in terms of debating the cause of peace and human rights in societies. Her contribution to this debating society is one of the most highlighted as her role in addressing issues and ongoing human violation pave the way for her school to be one of the best debating schools in Sierra Leone.



Bih-Neh Nsoh Estella is a student from Cameroon who is very passionate about education, specifically in terms of standing up for the right of every individual getting access to education. Studying medicine is one of her greatest passions, she grew up in an environment where there is not enough access to medical facilities and medical personnels. she intended to focus her attention specifically on the sciences especially the Medical field, in order to be able to work as a contributor of life and peace in her community, providing them with the quality education and medications.





Ivy Phoebe is a student from Kenya, she believes dealing with children suffering from psychological and emotional trauma as a result of their experiences and seeing them grow out of this, is what she would term as her greatest achievement.  "Majority of these children were orphaned by HIV/AIDS parents, others ran away from their homes because of forced labor, mistreatment and female genital mutilation. Most of them were traumatized by their experiences away from a secure home. My role in serving them seeing their rehabilitation, knowing that someone’s life is better because I live, is what I  term as my greatest achievement.”


Sifael Sebastian Ndandala


Caleb Azonsi - Nigeria


Mohamed Ould - Mauritania


Jarmin Jimmy - Tanzania


Akan Nelson - Nigeria
























































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